The Reserve at the Ballpark: Redefining Modern in Atlanta

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Quality. Craftsmanship. Authenticity. These are among the values of today’s modern generation, which is rapidly changing the way the world views luxury.

They are passionate, they are energetic, and they are the future. That’s why Larry Alton from Forbes writes they are so important to the workforce.

Research shows the luxury shopper of today, the modern luxury shopper, prefers something unique to something exclusive. They choose experience over acquisition. They would rather hear a backstory than favor a brand name. And they make researched buying decisions, usually online.

What that means for luxury in modern times is that while it shouldn’t define a person, it can have a relevant influence on almost every decision that person makes.

“(Luxury) no longer refers exclusively to purchases, such a handbags or jewelry,” reads an article featured on LinkedIn. “Now, it includes high-priced farm-to-table foods and craft beers, as well as pricey experiences such as travel.”

It also means investing in something more valuable than things. It means investing in a lifestyle worth living.

“Four in five consumers agree that there are sometimes real advantages to renting over owning, and adults ages 18 to 24 are nearly twice as likely to say that access is the new ownership,” the LinkedIn article continues.

Access is the new ownership

Millennials are changing the definition of luxury. And with it, they are changing how the world views all things modern.

At The Reserve at the Ballpark, modern is more than an idea. It’s a way of life.

From the decor in the resident lounge, finishes in the common areas, and details in the spacious homes, there isn’t anything about the newly constructed facility that doesn’t appeal to the modern eye.

The decor in the common areas is fresh and exciting, and the designer flooring throughout is pristine and eye-catching.

And the lifestyle features and amenities are like something that walked off a web site for a world-class resort or spa. The pool is welcoming, and surrounded with comfy lounge chairs and conversation areas. The business center is calming and worker-bee oriented. And the fitness room gives you no excuse not to work out.

Just as millennials are changing the definition of luxury, The Reserve at the Ballpark is redefining modern. We value experience and lifestyle and making each day memorable.

Quality, craftsmanship and authenticity run deep at The Reserve at the Ballpark.

For more information, or to apply, call (770) 955-5335 or visit us online.


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