Go Green This Spring With These Chic Design Ideas

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Well-loved. Appreciated. Good for the pocketbook and the environment. These are just a few of the words literary minds are using to describe a decorating trend sweeping the fashion-conscious shoppers of today.

Everything from refurbished, rustic furniture finds to repurposed antiques are becoming beloved statement pieces in any apartment. Sustainable living is at the root of the luxury lifestyle we provide at The Reserve at the Ballpark, a newly constructed apartment community designed and maintained with the environment in mind.

And while shabby chic may also have made a powerful comeback in recent years, there are so many ways to blend a unique sense of style with environmentally-friendly design options.

Repurpose and restore old finds

Add a sense of character and class to any space in your home by utilizing classic, well-loved furniture pieces. Breathe new life into quality wood pieces with a refinishing job, repurpose vintage finds and make use of fun lighting or art pieces you found at the flea market.  

Make the most of natural light

Cut electricity costs by using natural light for all its worth in your home. Find ways to make the most of the natural light in your home, by making sure there is lots of natural light shining into the spaces you use most, like living and dining rooms.

Embrace Open Spaces

Furniture placement plays an important role in a feng shui home, but there is something to be said for the effect positive energy can have on your environment as well. Consider designing rooms with lots of open space to reflect the open mind you keep open for dreams of the future.

Live life in color

Let yourself be inspired by flowers and all things green at the local farmer’s market. Filling your home with greenery adds freshness to any room, but also helps reduce carbon dioxide and other toxins from the air.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Finding creative ways to recycle materials like wood and fabrics doesn’t have to be complicated. Try integrating things like reclaimed wood and recycling fabrics that can be reused for another purpose in the home. For new pieces, shop at eco-friendly stores that seek to reuse and recycle materials, such as Pottery Barn.

Live Green at The Reserve at the Ballpark

Built with energy efficiencies in mind, The Reserve at the Ballpark provides an oasis amid the chaos of everyday life in the city. Located in the the heart of Metro Atlanta, public transportation options are readily available, and our electric thermostats and recycling program make green living easy.

Call (770) 955-5335 or visit us online today to schedule a tour!


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