Ballpark Bulletin: Decorating Ideas to Help Brighten Up Your Apartment Home

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It was a long day. That coworker wouldn’t stop stopping by your office. You didn’t quite finish that project, despite your boss asking about it more than once. And it all started with a splash of coffee hitting your new shirt on your commute to work.

Momma said there would be days like this. But those are the days when there is one moment that can somehow help melt all that stress away.

Home. Despite whatever you have or haven’t left behind at work, there’s something about that moment when you arrive home that brings in inherent sense of peace. It’s when you realize tomorrow is a new day while simultaneously already looking forward to coming home from work again tomorrow.

What you do to make your home into that place is completely and uniquely you. In honor of April being decorating month, we thought it would be fun to spark some fun ideas to add even more warmth to your special space.

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Add unexpected splashes of color

There are many schools of thought that suggest different colors evoke various emotions. It’s a genre of psychology that regularly influences advertising and marketing development, as teams of people determine whether that particular shade of ivory will make a difference in someone’s decision to purchase a product.

Whether or not there’s any truth to that, one thing is for sure. Adding a splash of color in an unexpected (or even an expected) place in your home can brighten things up without spending an arm and a leg. Opt for fun, orange topped kitchen stools, or add a fun, vibrant rug in the bathroom. Buy that piece of art you wouldn’t normally buy. Experiment with different color combinations in your hand towels. Whatever you do, embrace something new and bold.

Experiment with window coverings

This can be a little tricky in apartment homes, where certain window coverings come standard. But changing up the drapes can change the entire feel of a room at a minimal cost. Try a new pattern, different texture or bold color and the result may surprise you.

Explore different lighting options

Indirect light is a pretty spectacular thing. Finding ways to add different light sources to a living space can add definition to certain areas in one of the most simple and basic ways. Trying different light bulbs could be a good place to start, but then integrating different kinds and heights of lamps in various rooms can alter the entire feel of the space as the sun hits different areas at different times of day.

The Reserve at the Ballpark: Welcome Home

At The Reserve at the Ballpark, we seek to redefine the experience of coming home after a long day.

We offer luxury finishes, a resort-like feel and all the comforts any home should have, all in a convenient location in the heart of Metro Atlanta.

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