Apartment Home Hacks: Cleaning Your Home In No Time

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If you are like most people, cleaning is something that you put off for far too long and then scramble to do before friends or family are coming over. 

There are a few tips and tricks you can follow to lighten the burden and have a clean living space much faster than you think. Just crank up some music and get to work!

Everyday clean

Each and every day, before you do anything else, make your bed! If you have children living at home or roommates, instill this habit in them also. Making your bed is the first step in organization, and is something small you can feel you accomplished before even starting your day. 

Also daily load your dishwasher or wash the dishes in the sink. Doing dishes daily can help decrease the anxiety of seeing the dirty dishes pile up and may only take a few minutes of your time each day versus a hour every few days, plus who really wants to scrape off old food? After doing the dishes also wipe out your sink and dry, this will reduce soap scum buildup.

Each night as you move from room to room pick up items not in their correct spot and place them where the should go. By doing this daily it will help in the overall cleanup each week. 

Weekly roundup

Start with the bathrooms and work your way around the house. Clean all toilets, sinks and bathroom countertops each week, or more if time allows. 

Vacuum all floors and also mop after so this doesn’t become such a big job when the floors need a good hand scrubbing. 

Dust each room, moving things from its place, to prevent dust buildup behind decor. There are some great dusting items out on the market not to help make this a fast task. 

Wipe down all kitchen appliances, the inside of the microwave and refrigerator each week. Stainless steel is so popular now but not so easy to keep clean. 

Finally, grab a basket and go room to room picking up things that are not where they belong. Take the basket with you and place to items in their designated spots.

Monthly To-Dos

Ideally if you keep up with the weekly tasks, adding in these monthly tasks should not add too much time while cleaning. Each month clean showers and don’t forget to clean the shower heads too.

Pull items out of the refrigerator and toss anything that is expired or won’t be used, wipe down all shelves and sides of the fridge and return items. 

Check your oven; if there are spills and crumbs inside clean those out and also clean the stove top and knobs. 

Lastly wipe down your blinds. This is probably one of the most dreaded jobs for those who have wood blinds but keeping up on them is the key to keeping them looking new. 

If you keep up on these tasks it will not seem like such a big job to clean up your home.

Having a clean and organized house to come home too will help you relax and enjoy your space even more. For and added touch spray some air freshener, open some windows and fluff up your throw pillows. Welcome to your clean home. 


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