Finish Strong: How to End 2019 At Your Best

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We are approaching the last three months of the year. Did you know you can actually finish the year stronger than you started it? Crazy concept right?

October 1 will mark the start of The Hollis Company’s’ last 90 days challenge. This is a totally free challenge for anyone who is looking to finish off 2019 strong. It focuses on the idea that “it takes 21 days to create a habit, it takes 90 days to change your life.”

Finish Strong

The last three months of the year are a crazy, stressful time for most people. With the change in seasons brings on all the holiday activities. Most people will start to neglect themselves and their health as they get busy. We eat more calories than we are used to, have extra drinks with family and put moving our body on the back burner. 

Did you know you can actually work on yourself during this busy time of year? If you follow the steps in the last 90 days challenge you will be heading into 2020 as your best self. 

Tools Required

This challenge is so simple. All you need to do is sign up here and it is all free. The main focus of this challenge is something called the 5 to thrive, which you need to do daily, yes even on the weekends. 

The 5 to thrive:

  1. Get up an hour earlier than you normally do and use the time for yourself.

  2. Move your body at least 30 minutes every day

  3. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day

  4. Give up one food or food group you know you shouldn’t be eating

  5. Write down 10 things you are grateful for everyday

There are amazing tools to help you with some of these 5 to thrive items as well as amazing support. There is a Start Today Journal you can purchase to help you track your gratitude. You can check out the podcast Start Today Morning Show or watch the livestream weekdays at 8am on Facebook (Rachel Hollis) or Instagram (msrachelhollis or mrdavehollis). They will discuss the weeks topic and keep you motivated and laughing during these last 90 days.

You will also get an email each week that will dive deeper into the theme of the week and explain any steps you should be taking. There are thousands of people in this community joining in this challenge and they all support each other and share their accomplishments. 

Becoming your best self at The Reserve at The Ballpark

Here at The Reserve we strive to provide you with luxury living to take all your cares away from your home so you can focus on yourself. 

Join this last 90 days challenge and take advantage of our 24 hour indoor fitness center or outdoor pool to get in your 30 minutes of movement each day. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and reflect on your gratitude each day while taking some time for yourself.

For more information, or to schedule a tour, call (770) 955-5335 or visit us online.

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